Book Vs Movie Essay

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Showing VS. Telling Movies and books have been disputed for their entire existence together. If one is superior to the other, if stories from books should be turned into movies, and even the director and author’s clashing opinion. Though these are relevant in the debate, it is still up to personal opinion to say which is better. Though most of differences are opinionated, some are factual such as the length of the story, the visual of the movie against the imaginative aspect of books, and the perspective of both. Among their many differences, they have a small handful of similarities. They both tell the same story or at least a story that is similar. Also they follow a similar plot and have identical or resembling characters. The first major …show more content…
When you watch a movie, you do not need to think about or imagine what a character looks like, because the film producers have already done that for the whole audience. They set the scene, cast the roles, and set the mood their way. They also add music to fit which adds something that books really can not have because there is no orchestra in your mind. So you do not have a choice or the opportunity to let your mind run wild. But with books, you get to chose what characters look like and build it all in your mind and it adds an element of freedom to the story because everything is not predetermined. Then it gets interesting when you both read a book and watch a movie corresponding to the novel. Where if you saw the movie before reading the book, it becomes difficult to imagine a character different from the actor or actress who played their role. You also get to see what parts of the book were left out and it adds to the story and can make it more enjoyable to read. But if you read first then watch the movie you get to compare your vision of characters in your mind match faces and or voices the actors or actresses in the movie. But it can be disappointing when a part of the book is left out from the movie making it less enjoyable and be an underwhelming experience. For example Fans of the Harry Potter novel by J.K. Rowling prefer and recommend the books more than the movies because

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