How Did Steve Jobs Influence The Future

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“ Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments, when we are influencing the future” (“Steve Jobs” BrainyQuote). Steve Jobs was an inventor that people will forever know and never forget. He was adopted by Paul and Clara, and eventually found his biological parents who had a daughter that they had kept. He later became good friends with his sister, and kept in touch with his biological parents(“Steven Jobs.” Newsmaker). From early on in his life, it was easily seen that Jobs had an eye for technology. He complained to his parents that he was not learning enough at his old school, so his parents moved to Los Altos and enrolled him in Santa Clara’s Homestead High School( “Steven Jobs.”Newsmaker). After graduating high school in 1972, he went and worked as a video game designer. He eventually saved enough money to pay for a trip to India in the summer. There, he grasped Eastern culture and religion, and returned home in the fall(“Steve Jobs.”Newspaper). Jobs then decided to work with the Homebrew Computer Company Club in 1975, which was led by Steve Wozniak. Jobs had an eye for marketing, and Wozniak had an eye for engineering, which made it a great idea to partner up(“Jobs, Steven”). The first launch of their …show more content…
From creating the first user friendly technology machine, to making the first handheld devices, and improving and producing the most famous Pixar movies. In the end, his name is under 346 patents in the US(“The 5 “inventions” of Steve Jobs”). Many people were inspired by Jobs’s enthusiasm and will to create. Looking around at what technology people use, it is ludicrous to see how many people are using creations from Steve Jobs. One of the last words that Jobs had said to his partner Lasseter was,“ Just continue making it great.” He claimed Jobs was not the only person to say something like that to Lasseter, but was the last person to really mean it(“Junod,

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