Essay about Steps Setting Up A Goal

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III. How people should normally proceed
There are steps in setting up a goal that should be followed. They are like the golden rules or should we say, the sacred rules of goal setting. We say goal setting, because this is where everything supposedly starts. You cannot skip these steps otherwise you will expose yourself to the possibility of failing.
The key is to seat down and go through the different stages of setting up a goal in writing, like a good strategist would. You will first have to set up a plan, then evaluate the timing needed to accomplish this plan, chose the tools needed so that your plan becomes successful, set what is realistic as a goal and then check if you are on the right path. We will now go through each phase, with more details.

Set up a plan
To set up a plan, should be the first phase of your goal setting. A plan, is the written form of your vision, but with more details and strategy. Yet, it’s not yet concrete (because you will have to put it into action, at some point), but without it, you can’t get anything done.
1-Write down their vision or goal
To set up a plan, you will have to take into consideration the goal you wish to achieve, with concise words (ask yourself, what is it that you wish to achieve?). Determine the timing needed to accomplish that goal and the different tools you will use to accomplish that goal. Make sure, you really take your time, to think about different options given to you; meaning that you should take your time, and…

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