Statement of Purpose- Accounting Essay examples

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Statement of Purpose - Accounting
In recent years, my native country of XXX has adapted to the trend of globalization and transformed from a low-tech manufacturing base into a technology-based economy. Growing up in such a dynamic and quickly developing economy has given me a strong interest in taking part in the business world of the future. With this longstanding interest in business, I am very eager to begin engaging in advanced business studies. I believe that further study in the UK is an important first step on the path to my career goals. I believe the UK is the ideal setting for refining my expertise in Accounting and Management while also acquiring a broader, international viewpoint. I majored in Accounting at Good
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Growing up in [my country], where the effects of globalization and international business were always apparent, I realised that it is important for me to possess strong English abilities in order to diversify my future options and have a competitive advantage amongst my peers. Having lived in England for a period of time already, I have begun to feel quite at home with the everyday life and culture, and it would be a true honour to continue my education on to a higher level in this country. In my view, acquiring knowledge of accounting and management will not only be extremely useful, but also personally rewarding and enjoyable. It is a fascinating area of study and one that I will certainly be able to apply to my future work. I am well-prepared to face the challenge of studying in your university, and I have the determination to realise my goals and complete my studies successfully. Equipped with the specialist knowledge I will gain from your university’s course, as well as the cross-cultural understanding that living in the UK provides me, I expect to be able to progress smoothly into a career in the international business world when I graduate. As for my future plans, I hope to acquire the expertise in business, and especially accounting, that will enable me to work as a professional in a multinational company. I hope to develop the language skills, leadership

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