Starbucks Case Study Essay

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Formal Team is formed when two or more persons come together. They have a common objective or goal. They are willing to work together to achieve this similar objective.
Formal Team has its own rules and regulation. These rules must be followed by the members (employees and managers). A formal team has a system of co-ordination. It also has a system of authority. It has a clear superior-subordinate relationship. In a formal team, the objectives are specific and well-defined. All the members are given specific duties and responsibilities. Examples of formal team are:- a company, a school, a college, a bank, etc.
Informal team exists within the formal team. An informal team
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In an informal team, there are no fixed duties, responsibilities, authority, accountability, etc. for the members.

Objectives or Goals
In a formal team, the objectives or goals are specific and well-defined. The main objectives of a formal team are productivity, growth, and expansion.
In an informal team, the objectives are not specific and well-defined. The main objectives of an informal team are friendship, security, common interest, individual and group satisfaction, etc.

A formal team is stable.
An informal team is not stable.

Channels of Communication
A formal team uses formal channels of communication.
An informal team uses informal channels of communication (i.e. grapevine)

Organization Chart
A formal team is shown on the organization chart.
An informal team is not shown on the organization chart.

Superior-Subordinate Relationship
In a formal team, there exists a superior-subordinate relationship.
In an informal team, there is no such superior-subordinate relationship.

Benefits for Members
The members of the formal team get financial benefits and perks like wages or salaries, bonus, travelling allowances, health insurance, etc.
The members of informal team get social and personal benefits like friend circle, community, groups, etc.

2) * The Managers and supervisors of Starbucks company co-work with the basic level staff in front line which creates the management system a much closer and more

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