Domination And Resistance: The Politics Of Carousing The Night Away By Tera Weber

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This week’s lecture by Professor Dan Gilbert and the excerpts of Tera Hunter’s works titled “Domination and resistance: The Politics of Wage Household Labor in New South Atlanta” and “Dancing and Carousing the Night Away” portrayed the role labor relations played in relation to inequality. It is quite interesting how the relations in the workplace mirror those in the community and across the nation. Tera Hunter discuss how workers challenged daily inequality in the workplace and Professor Gilbert made the social and political implication of their actions more obvious.
In the workplace power is an important thing and those in power often abuse it. They feel as though they always have the upper hand because they can threaten an employee’s job security. It is only when workers fight for fairer treatment that they receive it. In the James C Scott quote Tera Hunter starts her paper “Domination and Resistance: The Politics of Wage Household Labor in New South Atlanta” with he says that relations of domination are also relations of domination. He is
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Employer oppression extended beyond the workplace and often translated to segregation and the poor treatment of African-Americans. What we can learn from this is that we can apply what these workers have done to receive fairer treatment to our modern day workplaces to demand equality in pay and in treatment. Minorities and women are often treated as second class employees even in this day and age. They often receive lesser pay and are disrespected in the workplace. This reflects the opinions of some that women and minorities are not as fit or capable of work as their counterparts. By demanding fairer treatment in the workplace people are also demanding equal respect and opportunity which then translates outside of the workplace and combats the inequality in our

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