Starbucks: Case Study: Equal Relation At The Planning Process

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Register to read the introduction… Equal treatment at the work place means that the employer may not treat anyone differently to other employees. In the case we see that, the managers in Starbucks treat each employee equally and all of the staffs are called ‘partners’.It helps to narrow the gaps between managers and employees. Every employee deserves fair and equal treatment and respect in the work place, it helps to create friendly working environment. So, if equal treatment addressed in the planning process it will help a company to maintain a good management system and create a much closer and more familiar atmosphere than other places. * Listen to the employees Listening to the employees can be another important issue which needs to address in the planning process. Sometimes business faces ricks when they fail to address this concern. In the case we see that, Starbucks wants it’s every employee to join in making and developing plans, then work together in achieving their goals. As a result, their policies and principles are communicated between all staff, and there occurs no limitation in employees’ personal opinions. Listening to the employees’ means giving them great importance which can motivate and encourage them to concentrate on their work effectively. * Good welfare …show more content…
Lack of goal clarity often is misidentified as an individual performance issue. This leads to blame, conflict and increased turnover by frustrated employees who are working hard but not getting the results the organization expects. Starbucks promote a clear understanding by sharing goals to its employees and managers. * Promote Understanding of Task Relevance: When employees understand shared goals, talent managers can cultivate an atmosphere focused on problem solving, removing performance barriers and delivering outcomes. This eliminates finger-pointing because when everyone understands the relevance of everyone else’s contributions, employees have increased awareness of their interdependencies and thus have more respect for one another. Starbucks manages to promote a clear understanding about its every task relevance among the managers and employees. * Managers and employees both has access in giving opinion
Starbucks manages to keep good relationship between their managers and employees by permitting them both in presenting their views and opinion. * Equal Treatment
Starbucks treats all its employees equally, which help to manage good relation between managers and employees. * Flexible working Hours:

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