Essay on St Petersburg 's Museum Of Fine Arts

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For my adventure in culture project I decided to go to St Petersburg’s Museum of Fine Arts. I had never been to this museum before and honestly I was not really sure what to expect. My first impression of the building walking up to it is that it looked marvelous and looked like what any classic museum would look like. It has great pillars and is modern yet it exudes a more elder and traditional style. It made me feel enthusiastic and welcome to come in and see what enthralling and compelling artifacts and pieces may be held inside of it. I expected to see many marvelous grand paintings and sculptures and pieces from all over the world and that each one would tell its own narrative. When I had first gotten into the exhibits all I saw was what I expected and hoped to see. I was mesmerized by the works and how intricate and ornate some were. But what also got me curious is how other artists could do the complete opposite and make something so simple and effortless yet it defined as a grand work. It made me ponder about how a work can be seen as either acceptable or unacceptable just based on one’s opinion.
This Museum was curated and had each exhibit sorted in several different ways. One way they would organize them was by the date they were contrived but also by the origins of the artist or artists and their ethnicity. The rooms for each gallery were also sponsored by certain institutions or people such as The Bank of America Gallery, or the Lee Malone Gallery to name a…

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