Sports, Sports And Competition Essay

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Starting Out
Ever since I was a small adolescent, I have been surrounded by sports and competition and I believe it has shaped me to who I am today. Growing up, my mom always made me focus on my academics while my dad made me focus on sports. Trying to balance both academics and sports and trying to please both of my parents was very difficult, but I managed it pretty well until my junior year in high school.
When I was 5 years old, my dad signed me up for football, baseball, wrestling, basketball, and soccer. Now some might say that’s a little overboard for a 5 year old, but I believe it helped me become more mentally strong, even aside from the psychical side of playing 5 sports. In most families playing sports was a privilege, but my dad used to say in the Pizzuti household it was a “way of life”. We would constantly be throwing around the ball, practicing, and running, anything to push me to another level above everyone else. When I turned 10 I stopped wrestling and soccer, but still had 3 competitive sports and now I have started surfing. I quickly saw myself being average at basketball and surfing, but above average in baseball and football. My dad also noticed these things and thought I should try out for my baseball and football team in high school, I wasn’t able to continue surfing because it interfered with baseball season. I ended up making my high school baseball team and my football team, and that opened up many doors for me including social barriers. I used to…

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