Exemplification Essay: The Dangers Of Youth Sports

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“Competition is a virtue and everybody is so busy competing, they have no time for compassion” (Major Owens). In today’s day and age kids do not have the time to play outside with their friends or play kickball with their neighbors. Instead, they are traveling and spending most of their nights practicing with their club teams. Youth sports have put a strain on kids to the point where the sport has become a job rather than a hobby or passion. Could society be depriving today’s youth the opportunity to simply be a kid by being too focused on sports? Youth competitive sports can negatively affect mental and physical health, as well as stunt the important relationships between children and their coaches.
According to nbc.com, forty-five million kids participate in sports by the age four, yet by age fifteen, eighty percent of them will quit, out of these forty-five million, only one
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Medicaldictonary.com defines burnout syndrome as “fatigue or frustration brought about by devotion to a way of life or relationship that failed to produce the expected results”. The syndrome is considered, by experts, to be part of a spectrum of conditions that include overreaching and overtraining. Exhaustion, the dominant indication of burnout, is linked to the intense training and competitive strains put on by coaches and parents. Nbcnews.com states fourteen percent of kids are in organized sports, it seems likely a large portion of that percent are experiencing burnout syndrome because of the pressure, stress and exhaustion the sport has put on them . Burnout syndrome can lead to perfectionism, the need to please others, becoming non- assertive, low- self-esteem, and high anxiety. On top of growing up and trying to figure out who they are, kids do not need the extra stress to be perfect which could potentially lead to psychological affects later in life. “It’s not fun anymore. They wanted to have a good time, make friends, and

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