Essay on Sports Qualities And Qualities Of Sports

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I wish I could say that I found myself and the best person I could be through sports, however that just did not happen. My childhood was filled with trying practically every sport and I just could not find my passion in any of them. The variety of sports that I tried and failed to commit to allowed me to realize qualities about myself that made it easier to manage them when I was growing up. Through sports I discovered that I am indecisive, uncoordinated and fragile.
For most people, sports made working with others and managing time easier, but with as many sports as I tried I was not able to commit to anything to find this to be true. Injuries made me afraid to continuing practicing or playing those sports and I was too uncoordinated to do well in most things. Although many are able to find a passion and develop good qualities, for me sports unveiled qualities that I would struggle with throughout my whole life. A combination of ballet and tap dance was not enjoyable I hated every second of each day I went. T-Ball was a nightmare full of tears. Tears that were not from injury but because I did not think the uniform was fashionable enough to be seen out in— if I 'm not mistaken I think I only made it to the first game and quit after that. To my defense the cobalt blue boxy t shirt was very unflattering on my small frame and it went down to my knees not to mention it did not match my hot pink helmet. Since my entire family played and enjoyed soccer I thought maybe I should…

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