Sports Games : Sports Teams Essay

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Athletes were identified from publically available rosters on the NCAA sport webpage (, which lists various specific college level sports teams. The primary ten sports teams consisted of volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, and track and field, as well as football. The selected sports team were chosen at random with five Divisions 1 teams, meaning the best ranked, and five Division 3 teams with some exceptions. Sports such as volleyball, soccer, track and field and gymnastics had both women and men teams but, on the contrary, football included only males and strictly the five D1 (Division 1) schools because of the large roster sizes for football. Further exceptions were that for men’s’ gymnastics, only D1 schools were used, likewise women’s track and field team. In this study, we eliminated the men’s D3 gymnastics from our data due to lack of D3 schools for this sport, and the D3 women’s track & field was not included because there were significantly fewer male coders than female coders; we wanted it to be fair and precise. For all of the athletes used, consent was not necessary due to the prior publication of their information and safety and lack of harm of the study. All things considered, there were 1,404 male athletes used for this study and 719 female athletes in total.
The data from each athlete of the selected sports teams were gathered and placed in an excel spread sheet to be tested and evaluated…

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