Sports And Its Impact On Sports Essay

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Over 3000 years ago, sports were created in Ancient Greece that included throwing spears, and other objects with intent to train for war and hunting. This shows that sports, also known as athletics, are not just for fun but were created for a purpose. Today, there are many different types of sports but Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Soccer lead the way being the four major sports. However, there are many more sports including individual and team sports. There are millions of children who play them, usually starting around the age of six when they start school. According to Donna L. Merkel, “seventy-five percent of American families with school-aged children have at least one child participating in organized sports.” It is key for children to start sports young to develop their skills because that 's when they are most impressionable. Most people think of sports being beneficial for health and physical reasons but there are personal and social benefits as well. However, there are people, mainly parents, who are against sports because the high risk of injuries and the expenses. Although there are some negative benefits of sports, the positive benefits outweigh the negatives unquestionably and help tremendously in the growth of children.
The physical benefits of children playing sports include fitness, stress relievers, mastery of skills, and healthy habits. The most obvious benefit in sports is fitness, they keep kids active and in good shape. Especially since child…

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