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My Speech Community It is a little challenging to decipher how my past history and how different communities that I have been exposed to has influenced my speech patterns. Studying the causes and effect of speech has made me realize how important language is and made me become aware of the effects and influence I can have on people based on the way I speak. There are many factors to consider when delayering and figuring how my speech was formed, such as people, regions/places, communities and religion, which all has impacted on how I present myself and how I perceive others. I was born in Vietnam and so I the first language I learned was Vietnamese. I cannot recall much of my life in Vietnam as I was fairly young when I was adopted, which was five-years old. I do, however, remember that I did speak Vietnamese fluently for a person of my age. It was my adoptive mother that first taught me English and the more I learned, the faster my Vietnamese deteriorated until I could no longer speak Vietnamese. My mom used flashcards, books, objects, etc to help me understand the connection between the words spoken or written to the image or object. Therefore, there are others factors besides people that may teach a person how to speak, such movies, tv shows, drama, books and so forth. I even learned from an alphabet toy machine that would say the pronunciation of the alphabet and then give an example. I think that being exposed to literature, media and other…

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