Speech Language Pathologist Scholarship Essay

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To start off I want to explain what brought me to this class. I have known that I wanted to work with individuals with exceptionalities since early high school, but I found a huge liking to the clinical side of things. I initially was looking at going into occupational therapy and my senior year in high school I shadowed a Speech Language Pathologist and absolutely fell in love. This is my second year at MSUM, but I am a junior credit-wise and have never thought about changing majors. I am also working on getting a minor in special education because it is something I love learning about and that knowledge will be extremely helpful in my future career as a Speech Pathologist. Throughout my essay, I would like to explain my background and experiences I have had with individuals with special needs, as well as discuss my thoughts and beliefs I have accumulated throughout my years of experience. My mother is a special education teacher at the same school I attending from preschool to high school graduation. She enrolled me into the special education pre-school at Central Cass and I was a peer model there for two years before moving onto kindergarten. I obviously don’t remember those days and I also don’t ever remember a “first experience” with someone with special needs. I have always been raised around individuals with exceptionalities and never thought that was different than anybody else. I played after school in my mom’s classroom with some of her student since I got out …show more content…
The less knowledge base an individual has on a disorder can result in quick false judgments. A child with autism from a bystanders viewpoint may look like a “bad kid” when really they could be in a lot of agony because the sun is too bright or the music is too loud yet they cannot communicate using words to tell you that. The more informed our society is the more understanding and accepting communities can

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