My Passion For Special Education Essay

903 Words May 1st, 2016 4 Pages
Researcher as Instrument Statement My personal lived experiences, both present and past have altered the manner in which I conduct research, interpret data, and engage with my participants, therefore influencing this work. My passion for special education is evident in my academic, professional, and personal life, as I am driven to enhance the quality of life for those with a disability. My interest in the field of special education was not innate, as life occurrences shaped the way I view and interact with others. My life journey created the individual I am today, thus producing an aspiration to construct environments where all ability levels are embraced. The work embedded within this study is enriched through my personal experiences and life journeys. As a young child I was not exposed to individuals with disabilities. Attending public elementary school proved to foster limited exposure to other students with disabilities, as they were often kept separate from the general education population. My lack of exposure to individuals with disabilities created a sense of apprehension, as I was unsure how to interact and engage with this particular population. Reflecting back upon my initial emotions and perspectives regarding individuals with disabilities creates a sense of sadness, as I am disheartened by my lack of empathy and acceptance. Although my primary perspectives towards individuals with disabilities where ones of uncertainty, life occurrences rapidly…

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