Importance Of Disability Population

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In this research I will be talking on the behalf of the developmental disability population and will be telling you a little bit of their story and what they and peoples with great heart have had to endure in their life. They are fighters who fight and struggle to live while others tell them they can 't. All they want is to be treated like a human being because that is what they are! From the earliest times, they have lived in the shadows and have been stepped over by those who think they are superior. Organization have been formed in order to get the best plan to help to this special population. Developmentally disable people deserve the most normal life they can get because they may have some struggles, but they are capable.
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From that moment on many changes has been made.A large group of people work together with the aim that disable population can be incorporated as part of our society.They are put in charge of their life with the help they need to be as independent as possible and productive in a safe environment. I our modern society people with developmental disabilities have the different opportunity depending on their limitations.Groups and association have surged in order to help them in the best way possible taking in account all their strength and possibilities and not their weakness or limitations .S. US was created with the purpose to lead that especial population to follow their dream and live in the most independent live possible full of joy and opportunities. This organization use a test called ABA ( Applied Behavioral Analysis )and based in the result of it develop a plan of help that include get ready to get a job ,interaction with their family improvement ,volunteer in some places according to individual interest ,but most important live as independent as possible ,success in life and fewer visit to ER are part of the goals too. Finally with the result of this analysis individuals can lower the need for medications and feel a drop in challenging behavior. After this analysis, this program offers employment /social support, care coordination, family support, clinical services, life skill development, advocacy and life enrichment. Developmental disable population like everybody have financial issues and the need to help in some way to their family ,this program provide them with the skills and preparation they need to get a job and help them to find the perfect one .A care coordination team

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