Specific Issues And Concerns During Adolescence Essay

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module 3( 2)
Title : Specific issues and concerns during adolescence (Substance abuse, Problems related to sex experimentations, Stress and Peer Pressure)

Session Time 2.30 Hours
(150 Minutes) Expected Previous knowledge:
• The concept of adolescence
• Challenges during adolescence
• Roles and responsibilities of adolescence

Life Skills empowered: Critical thinking, Creative thinking, Problem solving, Value prioritization


Session Objectives:

By the end of the session, the teacher trainee will be able to:
• Incorporate ice breaking exercises in their classes for teaching the evolution of adolescence.
• Use discussion and dialogue as effective methods to gain deeper
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What is substance abuse?
2. What are the indicators of substance abuse
3. What does the law say about substance abuse and adolescents
4. How can an adolescent be impacted by substance abuse?

Expected responses:

1. The excessive use of illicit drugs and alcohol or abuse/ misuse of prescription or over the counter drugs for purpose of mood altering is known as substance abuse.
2. What begins as experimentation may become an addiction leading to physiological issues and also lowering the self- esteem of the adolescent.
3. Long term effects may also include severe effects on health, relationships, poor grades in school/ college and indulgence in antisocial activities.
Summing up

It is vital to understand that something like substance abuse may appear to be harmless at the beginning but could have very severe impact on adolescents. It is our major duty to create sensitization and awareness regarding substance abuse and to motivate the learner to keep away from substance abuse.

Activity Time taken: Methodology Advance Preparations
Activity 2.2:

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