Dieting Psychological Effects

The psychological effects on people when dieting can be over welling on a person. I thought it was very interesting researching how it can affect women and men in certain ways.
From just observing people that I knew were dieting, you could see the psychological effects that you normally don’t see in them. There are many factors in our country that effect people telling them they are too fat or they need to try this diet, it really works. It can be hard on a person when they have struggled with weight issues all their life.
Losing weight can be beneficial to a person for their overall well-being, but sometimes it can have a negative effect on their health mentally. When a person is making the effort to lose weight, the side effects are usually
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Most people though, after they have lost weight feel satisfaction that they have accomplished their goal. If I ever had to experience being overweight, I think I would feel more depressed. If I ended up being able to lose the weight that
I gained I would be happy with the outcome. If you are not mentally prepared to accomplish this, it would be hard.

Anxiety and stress is also a factor when trying to lose weight and keeping it off. People’s stress level usually increases when trying to keep the weight off. After people, have reached their goal it is difficult for them to keep the weight off with the desire to binge eat. Most people that are overweight at emotional eaters. Hormone levels change when people lose weight.With rapid weight loss, extreme hormonal imbalance can occur causing mood swings, stress, anxiety and concentration. Trying to lose weight and keep it off is definitely going to have an effect on a person’s behavior. The after you make your goal losing weight it is very mentally and emotionally demanding trying to keep it off.You definitely have to modify your life style from when you used to eat all the time, to controlling it. This can cause a constant state of anxiety for
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If you really think about I guess they could.I just relate eating disorders more to young teens and adults more that overweight people. Seeing it affect woman more, I wasn’t surprised about that because of the desire to look thin. I guess though if you made your goal in weight loss that would be the easy way to keep it off, but that is definitely an unhealthy way of doing it. I found it interesting due to physical and mental consequences of food obsessions and restrictions that dieters are more likely to develop eating disorders. I believe that people are in the wrong state of mind if this is happening. They are not getting the guidance they need to diet correctly.
When dieting, you definitely need to be in the right state of mind to accomplish it. If a person does not do it, it is going to have a reverse effect on them mentally and physically.
People have to mentally prepare themselves in order to accomplish weight loss. I have seen my own family member experience being extremely over weight, having the mental state to want

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