How To Write A Reflective Essay On Becoming A Special Education Teacher

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Overall from observing all the different levels and classes, I learned a great deal about dealing with different situations and characters of children of many ages. The entire process of my clearances and school placements was easy. I have been involved in my son’s, now a 4th grader, classrooms since he was in preschool. For most of my observation hours, I had the honor and pleasure to observe at the Montgomery County College Children’s Center. I specifically chose to observe in this center because I am interested in teaching and being involved in young children’s learning adventures. I love how their brains process learning through play and of course, I love children. In my opinion, to be able to teach children, one has to love being around them because if not then teaching is just a monotonous job that would not really make a difference. A teacher should teach children to know that everything - especially learning - is possible if one is willing to put much effort into it. …show more content…
I also want to be able to guide the children with any learning disability to less frustration and most of all love learning and being in school. Education is the key to life, and it starts from before the time a child can speak. Education is a constant daily learning; I see it with myself, even though have done many years of school, I still learn new things every day, and I am amazed and looking forward to learning more by teaching. The children will teach me a lot of amazing life challenges and appreciation for the smallest, silliest things, which to me will be so rewarding. My teaching methods will be to teach children to love books, think outside the box, be involved, be good people, think highly of themselves and most of all challenge themselves to their full potentials because no matter what, they can do anything they put their minds and efforts to

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