Special Education Essay

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Special education refers to the practice of educating students with special needs due to their physical disabilities, or learning difficulties. These disabilities include autism, speech impairment, development delay, vision impairment, and orthopedic impairment among others. Such students have special requirements which are difficult to be achieved within the normal classroom environment. The advancement seen in the sector of special education cannot be discussed without mentioning the main law, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), which was has been active in providing funds to states to help in educating children with disabilities (Javier, 2005). This paper explores the field of special education by interviewing the special education director to respond to some questions in relation to the evolution of the legal system in special education, the legal framework for special needs students and regular students in private and public schools, the person responsible in monitoring the implementation and evaluation of IEPs in …show more content…
To begin with, the fact that regular students are not protected by the law as their special needs counterparts is a big difference. The law requires public schools to provide or pay for the education of students if the local system is unable to provide free appropriate education. On the contrary, in private schools, the local school system must ensure that the state department of education helps students to receive appropriate education just like in public schools. The provisions of the main law in this field, IDEA, clearly outline specific goals and services that are meant to meet the individual needs of the students with special needs. On the other hand, to regular students, such provisions are not applicable to them. But, just like public schools, private schools are allowed to make use of the IDEA and the

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