Reflection On Special Education And Cluster Teachers At Joel P Jensen Middle School

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I have had the opportunity to work with and observe the Special Education and Cluster teachers at Joel P Jensen Middle School. One of the days I observed and helped was with the Mild to Moderate students. It was during their Science time. The head teacher had the paraprofessional teach the class while she did testing in a corner of the room where it had been tented off specifically for testing. The subject was on medication and pills. The students were instructed to grab a Science book and turn to the appropriate page. While very few of the students were following instructions I observed the majority of the students goofing off, playing on phones, play fighting, and hitting each other with the books. The Paraprofessional and the teacher both …show more content…
I would have a specific seating chart and place the students where they would be less distracting. If my students decided to do what the students I observed were doing I would have stopped what I was doing, separated the students again, taken away electronics, and anything that they were playing with, kindly ask them to stand up in front of the class and teach us the lesson. I have seen this done before. Students often seem to be afraid of being the center of attention and having this as a consequence often helps them behave better. Another strategy I would do as the teacher is I wouldn’t start the class by individualizing a student for testing or telling my paraprofessional at the last minute to teach the class and the lesson for me. If I was going to have a paraprofessional teach I would tell them in advanced so they could be prepared. I think a lot of the problem with this class was the teacher was preoccupied and the paraprofessional was unprepared and was trying to get through the …show more content…
I don’t know if it was just that one day or if this is a common occurrence. I have only observed the one time. When I am the teacher I am going to be very hands on. I am going to make sure my paraprofessional are prepared and are able to assist me when they need to. I am going to require respect and kindness in my class. I will have consequences for misbehavior besides moving a student and telling them to be quiet. It is very important for a teacher to start the school year out with a kind but firm attitude. The students need to know the teacher loves them, but does require respect and kindness in their classroom. It is also important that students know the rules and also know the consequence for when the rules are broken. The teach needs to make sure they follow through with consequences which make a statement that the teacher means what they say. I am excited to get out on my own and be the teacher. I continue to learn every day new strategies and techniques on how to teach and handle students with disabilities. I know that when it is my time to be the teacher, I am going to be the best one I can, and I am definitely not going to have the same teaching style as the teacher I

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