To Teach: The Journey In Comics By William Ayers

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After reading, To Teach: The Journey, In Comics, by William Ayers, I agreed with his beliefs and convictions about teaching. His beliefs are very different than most teachers that I have had in the past in many different ways. For one, my teachers always had us sit in assigned seats that never changed and were in rows with their desk in the back of the classroom. On the other hand, Ayers talked about how “learning is active and not passive” and the students can not be very active if they are just sitting in rows listening to the teacher lecture every minute of everyday. The best ways to learn is by having open discussions and applying the material to everyday life which is not usually done in a lecture-style classroom. Another example of a …show more content…
There three elements that have to be in my classroom for it to be a place that I don 't want to leave. The first element is covering the walls with educational posters. Wether the posters have quotes or information or even students’ work, I want my classroom to be filled with cheery, bright decorations instead of plain boring walls. The second element that needs to be in my classroom is some kind of corner with a rug and maybe some cozy chairs for class readings or independent reading times. Not only will this make the students comfortable in the classroom, they will also look forward to reading times, which most people do not enjoy. Lastly, my third element that must be in my classroom is bookshelves and learning games, like scrabble, for free time. I always loved when my teachers would have large bookshelves that we could borrow from when we wanted to read and couldn’t go down to the library or games to play during indoor recess. After reading Ayers, I more strongly believe in the things he said because he proved that the conventional, teacher-centered learning is not nearly as good as the student-centered learning methods. Due to my beliefs and convictions on teaching being very similar, I would definitely recommend this book to someone who want to pursue an education in teaching. Ayers’ book is very relatable and reasonable and I doubt many other future teachers would disagree with most of the teaching methods. I do plan on having my aunt, that is a teacher, read this book because I believe that even if you are already a teacher, this book is a great foundation on how a classroom should be with teacher-student

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