Essay about Sp2750 Group Theory Group Project

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Please consult your syllabus and study guide for detail step-by-step group project guidelines.

Here is a reminder on your group project submission requirements for Part 1:

1. Submit team document in Microsoft Word. Submit your writing as a narrative, a list of tips or a combination. The length of paper will vary depending on number of team members and format chosen by team. 2. Include sources in APA format. All references must be cited in paper.

Available Topics:
1. Corporate social responsibility
2. Work-life Balance
3. Leadership
4. Change Management
5. Clean Technology (sustainability efforts)
6. Social Networking tools
7. Healthcare
8. Diversity of employees
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Some of the ways this is happing as we speak is collective intelligence, serendipity, easy to find folks and information, anyone can be a leader and employees have a voice, to transparency and flatness. Companies contain the capability to influence the knowledge of entire personnel to solve a dilemma or identify an opportunity instead of just relying on a specific group. Being able to come across a folks or information that can be used to improve a situation is a valuable thing. Email and static intranets are the default forms of communication and collaboration within many organizations. When most employees think of a leader at their company they typically think of an executive. Most organizations in the world are hierarchical and not transparent. Take Linked in for instance it has over 150 million professionals that are not your everyday user type of folks. It’s considered to be lower than Face book. But you can’t really compare the two; LinkedIn is mainly for folks looking to get hired in a good company. Face book is just for fun and communicating with your friends and family. LinkedIn is a place to promote yourself to get a job. Small businesses after years of avoiding social media are now embracing it. However, the poor use of social media the Business Network International’s survey shows that 75% of owners put of some companies. Social media is more and more blurring the limitations among work and fun.

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