Southern Kingdom Learning Services Is Non Profit Essay

1299 Words Mar 24th, 2016 null Page
Northeastern Kingdom learning services is non-profit. The organization is funded by the government and does not charge for services. All the students or community members that use the services are not required to pay a fee. Everything comes as a cost, so the center is given money to continue services. Northeaster Kingdom learning service serve students and community members that need additional services or need to increase there skills in any academic area. The organization has a lot of interaction with the high school completion program. One of the employees directors that portion of the facility. She goes to Lyndon Institute twice a week for two hours to work with students who need credits to graduate. They also work with students that have disabilities. One of their responsibilities to the student is to tailor a learning plan around the students needs and to not discriminate against anyone. There is a student who comes in twice a week that has aspergers. There are also students that have reading disabilities that come to the center. The set up and small environment of the center makes it more inviting. There are also students that attend CCV that come to the center for tutoring. Many middle-aged adults going back to school come, usually to get help with writing or math. One the students is middle aged, who recently went back to college. He is in an introductory English class that all first year students are required to take. He has trouble writing research papers and…

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