Impression Involvement Training

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The first study that implemented this program took place at the Annsville Youth Center, in New York (Goldstein, 4). The study was conducted on 60 youths, in which a small group (24) received the intervention in ART, the second group (24) were given a “brief discussion” this allowed for Goldstein and his colleagues, to see if the children had the skills in them, but were just not using them, and the last group (12) received no intervention or instructions (Goldstein, 4). The goal of the study was to see how effective ART was in the center, “ it looked at skill acquisition, minimal skill transfer, extended skill transfer, anger control enhancement, and impulsive reduction” (Goldstein, 4). At the end of the 10-week study, the children that under went ART used only 40% of the skills that they learned in ART, when compared to the other two groups (Goldstein, 4). Goldstein then conducted the same study, under the same conditions as the first study, on the 36 youth who were in the control groups, in the first study. Their main focus this time around, was to try and decrease the number of violent/aggressive outburst, by doing this they compared their behavior while in ART, with their behavior in the first study (Goldstein, 5). The results, showed …show more content…
The percentages may not be as high as some other intervention programs, such as GREAT, but the results are still positive. According to Roth, the best way to ensure the positive results in the future, is to continue to do research and make changes to the program that fit the needs of the changing society (Roth, 4), this will ensure the program continues to help with aggression in youth and adults around the

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