Solar Energy Advantage

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Solar Energy, the Superior Alternative Energy
Fossil fuels are bad for our environment, and in an economy that is struggling, there is no point in pouring billions of dollars a year into an energy source that is killing our other resources. This kind of spending and reckless destruction of our environment will eventually have to stop. The question is, when burning burning fossil fuels ultimately ceases, where will we turn? There are many forms of alternative energy that are accessible to us right now. These energy sources will eventually have to be used in the place of burning fossil fuels to provide power for our world. Today 's generation has become so accustomed to the idea that burning fossil fuels is okay because "that is how it has always
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The article goes on to discuss the new developments in solar panel technology. Brian Wingfield, the author of the article, illustrates that the industry and the technology is always being improved upon, and although it takes time and money to develop, solar energy is becoming more affordable all the time. These improvements are intended to make solar energy a more affordable, and more practical, investment on a domestic and industrial scale. As it stands right now, people shy away from investing in solar power because of price alone. Money is always an important factor, and most people are looking for solar energy to make financial sense before they make an …show more content…
The article "Alternative and Renewable Energy" provides examples of other alternative energy sources and a few of the flaws that they present. It states that water courses can be disrupted by hydroelectric facilities. This causes damage to the wildlife and the river itself. It can also cause flooding in dams upstream. Wind power has issues as well such as the low frequency drone that the turbines produce. This drone can cause irritation to the residents living near it. Biofuels are no different in the area of having problems. The crops used to create the energy cut into the food supply for cattle. Biofuels also take more energy to create than the actual energy they put out (Lerner). These energy sources having their own problems, makes solar energy stand out even more to

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