External Factors Affecting Massy Stores

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Political - Massy Stores, similar to any other supermarket, is required to pay corporation taxes at a rate of 25 percent. By law they are also required to ensure that all members of staff receive minimum wage in an industry with a typically high staff turnover.
Economic - Massy Stores are pay particular attention to the economic factors mainly because they will some influence on the demand, costs, prices and profits which they are able to generate.
Sociocultural - In keeping with the current trends nowadays, Massy Stores has gravitated towards having one-stop and bulk shopping facilities due to a variety of social changes. Hence they opened a Massy Stores Supercenter that supplies non-food items available for sale in addition to the regular grocery items.
Technological – Massy Stores introduction of a mobile app is used to be driven as a technological influence. With the help of loyalty cards supermarkets can offer incentives to keep their customers "loyal" and to gain new customers. They also help supermarkets keep track of how well they are retaining customers and possible shopping habits
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The political factors are one of the main external factors affecting Massy Stores mainly because they always have to ensure that they pay taxes on time and abide by the laws and acts in place in terms of compensating staff and ensuring that there is a safe environment for all employees, customers and visitors. Socio-cultural factors play an important role in terms of the customers and how Massy Stores attract and maintain their loyalty through continuous promotions and provision of deals and discounts, bonus points inclusive. These factors contribute to Massy Stores image and identity and

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