Social Workers Help People Solve And Cope With Problems Essay

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“Social workers help people solve and cope with problems in their everyday lives.” (BLS) This broad statement can describe an immense amount of jobs and careers but usually social work is considered people specially hired by a department of human services or even hospitals. Their job can be to help clients with community resources such as food stamps, childcare, and healthcare; some also investigate child abuse and neglect. (BLS) Although social workers perform a great service to the communities they live in, many are underpaid and struggle to get by in their own lives. Social worker salaries are inadequate because of the immense number of duties that they perform while on the job; the ignorance of those who assume government workers are overpaid and over-compensated has led to the insufficient pay of these irreplaceable workers. Most social workers do not make an extremely high salary; the salary usually made is sometime insufficient for a normal standard of living without supplemental income like a spouse. (Rinaldo, Erica. Personal Interview. 2 Nov. 2016) Social workers put in many hours while in their office, while they are in the field, and many times even when they are at. This strong devotion to the job is what makes social workers deserving of a good income in which they can support themselves and improve their standard of living that they work for. This unfair pay discrepancy is at an all-time high currently, and while this career is expanding and expected to grow…

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