Social Work Motivation Report

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To educate myself and advocate for voices that often go unheard is the reason I am pursing a graduate degree in social work. Fordham University is one of the leading schools for social work in the country and feel honored by the opportunity for consideration into your program.
Using tools given to me by own community (parents and family); persistence, perseverance, and drive, have guide my efforts in achieving of my professional and personal goals. These qualities have helped me navigate this life, including the pursuit and successful completion of an undergraduate degree. An unwavering aspiration to pursue a career in the field of social service, as well as my experience working with communities in need have served as the catalyst for continuing
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As Central Intake for Bergen County, I triage the needs of our participants through using a community health screen and then assign those that meet program eligibility criteria to their respective programs either in-house or referring the participant to a partnering agency. This experience of has been a major catalyst in my wish to pursue a master’s degree in social work. Here, I have learned that empowering the community one family at a time is possible. I want to learn how to better help people and families find health and healing, while pursuing projects that will help create changes in public policy that will make it easier to keep community programs properly funded. I now have a better understanding that accessibility, racial disparity and language barriers are major challenges our underserved communities face. I’d like to become part of a multidisciplinary initiative that works to remove these barriers and empowers the public to become better advocates for themselves and their …show more content…
It drives my intent to excel in my graduate courses and complete the master’s program; keeping an open mind to the experiences gained in course and field work and will help hone my focus on a specialty. Passing all licensure exams, pursuing certifications and accepting employment with an agency that aims to offer proper service to those in need are all part of my anticipated professional trajectory. Becoming familiar with the Children FIRST center, the Institute for Women and Girls and the National Association of Social Workers is also something I look forward to, as I understand this these are important resource for professionals in this

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