Social Work As A Social Worker Essay

804 Words Oct 23rd, 2015 4 Pages
I chose social work as my major because I love the idea of helping someone and making a difference in their life. Even though, being a social worker can be a challenging job it is up to us to change the world and provide help to people. Social workers have the responsibility to help those incapable of helping themselves and bring knowledge to people that unsure or uninformed to certain situations. While, taking Introduction to Social Work I learned that social workers are needed everywhere, whether it is in a hospital, aiding to mental and disable, schools, or department of human resources. This course opened my eyes to the do’s and don’ts of being a social worker. It taught me on how not to mix my personal morals and values with my job. As a social worker it is important to be nonjudgmental or prejudices with any case receive. As a social worker I would have with to deal with a variety of people that are different in age, gender, and race. When dealing with a group or individual it is important to show them that you are on their side. It is important to always follow the code of ethics when dealing with clients especially privacy and confidentially, this shows that you can be trusted and will not repeat any given to you to other people. In Introduction to Social Worker I was educated on not to inflict my social core values and ethics on clients if their religion or values disagrees with mine. As a social worker this class really opened my eyes to see how careful and…

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