Social Networking Sites For A Social Network Essay

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A Social networking site is a platform to make social relations with various people who like to connect and share information about themselves with others. A social network service consists of a user who makes a profile online, so that the other people who are already have one, can identify each other easily. Social networking sites provide a medium for lot of services like connecting with the friends, job opportunities, reading blogs and much more. When it comes to location, social networking websites allow families, couples, and friends to stay connected with simple click of a button. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are considered to be the main social sites that are evaluated for the long range interpersonal communication. “Facebook saw its membership grow from 52 million in June 2007 to 132 million worldwide in June 2008 -- a whopping 153 percent growth. The second highest membership site is MySpace with 117 million, but that site only saw 3% growth over the same period”(Dalrymple). As the technology advances, these networking sites have provided an easier mode for the communication.” My re­ search shows that children can maintain friendships through SNSs in a way that would not have been possible before, remaining in contact with friends who have moved to different countries and supporting friendships online even though face­to­face com­ munication is not possible”( Clarke). Lives of the people are becoming much easier than it was earlier. But these social sites have…

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