The Advantages And Positive Impacts Of Social Media

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Social Media
Social media is a website or an application that enable users to create, share, and find content or to participate in social networking. It’s something that we are really close to our daily basis. Now days not only adult that use it, but many children under age use it too. Although there are not only positive effects that we will gain, however people still utilize it, because almost all people use social media.
Social media actually has a lot negative effects than positive effects. The first thing that will come to our mind about negative effects of social media is, it’s addictive because people that use social media will never can stay away from their phone. People can create the unhealthy cycle with keep coming back to social media, even though it doesn’t make us feel very good. And it can cause them to be anti-social person, because time that
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The first benefit that we can feel is it gives us a chance to be more insightful, because from social media we can increase our knowledge. Like we know, social media is one of the most media that can give us information and update so fast. Social media always give us the recent information, not just in our country but from other country to. And from the knowledge it can be used to get idea. Social media sites mostly depend on active participation and sharing of different content, and this can make people from all age more creative and innovative. Not just that, it can gives us the ability to hone different skills that we can use in the real world.
Now days, many people use social media to improve their business. Social media can be mediator to promotion business offline or online nor improves their business reputation. This improvement can make any business enhancement in selling their product, and it means their business profitable, so they can expand their business and absorb the unemployment. This helps government to increase national

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