How Does Technology Affect Family Life

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Does technology ruin family life?
Since the impact of popular culture and the improvement in technology we are able to use it in various ways to improve our family life as we know it. But do you really think that technology is assisting your family? Or is it pulling it apart? People feel pressured into using technology but feel empowered when they are using it. So are we turning our backs on quality of time together and rather spend time with a screen. Although technology is a great help to our everyday life is it altering the way we connect with our families. So do we need to start to sort this out?
Currently an adolescent will now rather talk to their parent through text than tell them something to their face. Many believe it just a part of growing up that your adolescent becomes extra unsociable towards you. But it has it reached a point where they are becoming lazier because of their constant use of their devices. Every day your adolescent has their phone in there hand when they leave the house. Every day your adolescent will check there social media. Every day your adolescent they will tell you there doing homework on the computer but they are not. On average eight hours and four minutes of someone’s day is spent using media and
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People can share photos there memories and emotions all on social media. So if a teacher asks there students to share what they did on their holidays, they can pull out their phone and shares the photos that were on their Facebook. After all we all have family member around the world who are just as important as the ones in our house. People can send a message without it costing them. People can talk to each face to face through their devices. Meaning that we become happier as we are able to talk to all the people we love at one time, in one place and with one click of a

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