Social Media Is Becoming A Common Part Of Everyday Life Essay examples

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Social media is becoming a common part of everyday life for people of all walks of life, politicians utilize it, teens social life at times relies on it, and companies advertise through it. With 288 million monthly active users on Twitter, and over 200 million active monthly users on Instagram, it’s apparent these social networking sites are a booming piece of technology. I have personally used it to keep track of social plans, organize volunteer work, keep up with friends who are far away, post about my life, and find entertainment when I’m bored. I willingly admit that I may use social media too much, with that in mind I thought that going without Twitter and Instagram for forty-eight hours was fitting. I chose Instagram and Twitter because they are the two social network sites I use most. Forty-eight hours may seem easy but being in the habit of using something, is a challenge to consciously deprive myself of. Twitter and Instagram are helpful apps to have on my phone for simple things I need to take care of, going without them now means finding new ways to solve problems I didn’t even know I had. An average day with social media starts as soon as I wake up; after waking up I lay in bed and look through what I missed on twitter while I was asleep, and check my direct messages on instagram. While getting ready I look on fashion profiles I follow on Twitter for inspiration on what to wear for the day. While waiting for class to start I look through my Instagram feed…

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