The Concept Of Zombies In The Walking Dead

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Zombies in today’s society are recognized as slow, dead, flesh eating creatures that take over the world, such as in The Walking Dead. When zombies come to mind, people think of apocalypse, destruction, and end of the world or humanity. Overtime, the concept of zombies is changing, so is people’s concept of technology. Technology is controlling people’s lives, just like zombies might take over the world someday. For example, when a group of people go out for dinner, they do not socialize with each other, but instead they look down on their devices. People are so attached to these gadgets, such as smartphones, tablets, and other devices that it excludes them from the world. With all these apps, they make social media become a priority where …show more content…
In The Walking Dead, the zombies are known as “walkers,” and are substantially killing machines that want a piece of every survivor. In most episodes of the series, there are opening scenes of zombies either walking in small groups or eating some kind of flesh. For example in The Walking Dead episode “Heads Up,” it shows a recap of what happened from the previous episode and then it shows a group of “walkers” in a corner. Then once one started walking away, another follows and another. This characterizes zombies as mindless because that is essentially what all they do, which is walk and find anything to eat. From the Khaleej Times, Ankita Chaturvedi, an author for the English newspaper in United Arab Emirates, who interviewed Rashmi Seth stated that “Technology might interrupt with her children 's growth and development … She wanted her kids to focus more on studies, physical activities and social skills rather than gluing to mobile phones or other devices” (Chaturvedi). This means that Seth wants her children to be more interactive with the world around them instead of staying home on mobile devices. This makes people become mindless because all they do is stick to the technology and makes them lose their skills. In the same news article, Dr. Mohammad Anwar states, “Children become addicts and their performance in school suffers, and sometimes it can also make them feel depressed” (Chaturvedi). Due to technology, children cannot focus on their school work which affects their grades. In another article “Is Technology Making Us Less Human?,” by Andrea Kuszewski, who is a behavior therapist and robopsychologist, she explains that the use of technology is making humans to not use their brain which loses the creativity aspect that technology does not have. She states, “We have this amazing and wondrous thing called a brain, and yet as we make increasingly greater strides in

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