Why I Love Pop Culture Essay

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asia Johnson
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Essay 2: First Version
Why I Love Pop Culture
Contrary to what many believe, you wouldn’t be who you are if it wasn’t’ for pop culture.
Pop culture is the way of life targeted towards younger people. A reason I love pop culture is because it links every person on the planet. It serves as a unifying force for people of all backgrounds. Pop culture includes music, sports, television, fashion, social media, politics, and print. However, the three most influential forms of mass medias are television, social media, and music. The influence has several positive effects on the youth of today’s generation.
I feel television is the biggest form of influence in pop culture. Television can be a powerful teacher, ex: Sesame
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Social media brings a lot of awareness about things we typically wouldn’t know about such as current events and career opportunities. I feel social media is one of the best pop culture inventions because a lot have started careers from social media.
Social media has given many people the chance to turn their passion into a source of income. Many have started careers in modeling, blogs/vlogs, selling of merchandise, and etc. all from social media. Models have been discovered from Instagram, earning major contracts and party hosting jobs. Couples have started careers from social media making YouTube videos, earning a name for themselves worldwide. Social media has helped entrepreneur opportunists with selling clothes, hair, food, etc. Social media is a free way of advertising your business, and can be seen by many people. I feel social media has its pros and cons, but I love the fact people can earn money from it.
Music has always been a huge impact on pop culture. Different decades brought about different types of popular music, but the affect has been about the same. Different genres such as

3 hip-hip, rock & roll, R&B, and pop have made its lasting effect on people. MTV and
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Music artists influence pop culture in their fashion choices, hair styles, lifestyles and relationships. Over the past decade, hip-hop artists has had a huge impact in popular fashion. Several mainstream clothing labels have used hip-hop artists in advertisements. This marketing strategy is to reach into different consumers because most fans want to dress like their favorite artists.
Some artists have paved their own way into the fashion industry. Artists such as Russell
Simmons, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Kanye West and Jay-Z have created million dollar fashion companies. The start of labels like Roca wear, FUBU, Yeezys, and Phat Farm paved the way for rappers to be viewed not simply as recording artists but as successful businessmen. If you look around, you will notice that most teens and maybe a few adults dress like these celebrity icons.
Fashion and music are a unity, they go hand in hand because fashion rubs off on the music the same way music rubs off on fashion. Fans try to recreate looks seen on their favorite musicians which then creates trends in fashion.
In conclusion, I think pop culture has many positive influences on society. Pop

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