Why I Love Pop Culture Essay

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asia Johnson
English 131.45
Essay 2: First Version
Why I Love Pop Culture
Contrary to what many believe, you wouldn’t be who you are if it wasn’t’ for pop culture.
Pop culture is the way of life targeted towards younger people. A reason I love pop culture is because it links every person on the planet. It serves as a unifying force for people of all backgrounds. Pop culture includes music, sports, television, fashion, social media, politics, and print. However, the three most influential forms of mass medias are television, social media, and music. The influence has several positive effects on the youth of today’s generation.
I feel television is the biggest form of influence in pop culture. Television can be a powerful teacher, ex: Sesame
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Television in today’s society has become one of our most basic resources for information. It entertains, educates and influences.
Every one watches television, from young kids to senior citizens. Kids see characters on sitcoms and movies doing certain things, and want to be like the character. I know TV shows such as A
Different World, Moesha, and That’s So Raven had big influences on my life. The shows all had real life situations that many could relate to.
A Different World is my favorite show in pop culture because it actually made me want to come to college. The show portrayed the Black college experience, and college life in general.
Issues like date rape, AIDS, domestic violence, and teen pregnancy were all covered in this

2 show. From exam craziness, relationships, and finding part-time jobs to interracial dating, Step shows, and hate crimes, this show handled it all and with style. Each episode taught me something new about the college life. This show actually prepared me for college.
Social media is now one of the biggest platforms in life. It is so hard to pull people away from their phones because it is so much action constantly happening. Social media includes

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