Social Media Influences Different Ethnic Groups Essay examples

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Most of the cities in the world involve the diverse societies that consist of a broad range of people from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Due to cultural differences the individuals from these ethnic groups tend to have different eating behaviors so as to ensure good health. The social media is used in the world where various forms of the social media are used by the businesses, the general public as well as government. Most of the individuals want the best health for their health and the health of the lover ones and therefore having the ability to access forms of the social media tends to promote the better nutritional habits as well as the overall health habits. To determine the how social media influences different ethnic group 's view on healthiness the mixed methods were used so as to gather the information that regards the participants perspectives in regards to the impact of the social media on the health of the participants.
The social media tends to connect various people from different country with different cultural and eating habits and therefore these interconnections between the individuals tend to allow the flow of ideas as well as habits. The exchange in the ideas and habits can influence the health habits of the individuals and therefore this can result in influencing the healthiness of the users of various forms social media. The impact of the social media can be observed on the users through the spreading weight, harnessing the power and…

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