Using Nvivo Data Analysis Software Essays

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As noted by Marshall and Rossman (2016), member checking is the process of sharing a one to two-page summary outlining a synthesis of the initial interpretations of the data, to clarify any misinterpretations. According to Houghton, Casey, Shaw, and Murphy (2013), member checking serves as a tool to ensure the proper meanings of interpretations are correct. Member checking also gives researchers the opportunities to gain new insights from participants, who can justifiably augment, clarify, or refute the initial interpretations (Anney, 2014). I will use member a member checking process to help mitigate bias and enrich the study.
Sotiriadou et al. (2014) discussed the use of NVivo data analysis software to identify themes through data coding. Castleberry (2014) discussed mitigating bias in the data analysis process by using NVivo data analysis software. NVivo data analysis software is a user-friendly tool to analyze and organize different data types (Castleberry, 2014). I will use the NVivo data analysis software to mitigate bias through the application of consistent automated processes to organize and analyze the data.
Gibson, Benson, and Brand (2013) and Lawyer, Baergen, and Kuruvilla (2013) mentioned that the researcher should use specific procedures or protocols to protect participants. Yin (2014) discussed how using the interview protocol would allow for uniformity and constancy in the interview data collection process. Creating a consistent pattern using the interview…

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