Analysis Of 7 Day Digital Diet By Toddy Wayne

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When discussing the bulk of teenagers and adults, social media is often their most used form of communication. Social media is used by millions to talk with friends, check the latest updates in pop culture, and to post and comment on topics they find interesting. What happens when social media enthusiasts are stripped of this privilege? “7-Day Digital Diet,” by Toddy Wayne retells his journey through this “diet” and what he found himself doing during that week. Wayne’s story inspired me to take the same challenge with a minor variation and apply it for a week as well. Being that I use social media frequently, I figured that it would benefit me to try Wayne’s “diet”, and see what results I obtain. The one minor variation being made is that since …show more content…
The irony of this is actually laughable. Social media is supposed to make people feel as though they are interacting with friends and loved ones, but only after limiting my usage, did I see that I was truly able to connect with them. It would seem that the “social” in social media, is not always as social as it seems. After separating myself from social media, I began to feel as though I engaged more. Class discussions became more interactive rather than spectated. Coworkers and friends seemed more human rather than a number underneath the “Followers” sign on Instagram. I also began to listen more actively. Surprisingly it is much easier to transfer words in a conversation to long-term memory if Facebook is not being scrolled through. Similarly to connecting with my friends, I also became more in-touch with my family. We enjoyed eating unhealthy food together rather than having an unhealthy habit of scrolling through social media regularly. I was also given the chance to help my little sister with some troubles as well. My sister, Ary, was recently cast in her school play as the lead female actress. This is no simple task for a nine-year-old, so I took it upon myself to dedicate what was left of my time to helping my little Ary memorize her lines. If liberated from the clutches of social media, addicts are much more able to lead lives that they find much more

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