Essay on Social Media and Its Impact on Social Behavior

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Social Media and its Impact on Social Behavior

Social Media and its Impact on Social Behavior
Social media has drastically changed how people communicate. How many people remember how it feels to hear the phone ring in the house or receive a letter in the mail? Today’s youth know nothing other than text messages, tweets, and Facebook. Social media and the social entertaining websites of today have affected social behavior in many ways. While there are many advantages to this technological advancement, these advancements can also result in many changes in social behaviors. Some of the few prominent changes in social behavior, due to social media, are lack of communication skills, changes in self-esteem and cyber
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The main risk to preadolescents and adolescents online today are risks from each other, risks of improper use of technology, lack of privacy, sharing too much information, or posting false information about themselves or others” (O'Keeffe & Clarke-Pearson, 2011). The more time that is spent browsing on the internet, the more likely people are to step away from physical interaction with people. According to the article Teens and Social Media, “93% of teens 12-17 go online, 89% of the online teens go online from home. 63% of these teens go online daily” (Lenhart, 2009). This quote shows the percentage of teens that are online at school and at home. Some of the online activity may be school related but with it being on a daily basis this is doubtful. The time spent online should be closely monitored by parents and educational institutions. Parents can set a time limit for monitored online activity at home and social media websites should not be accessible in educational institutions.
When it comes to written communication, people are also being introduced with condensed versions of nearly every word. For example, l8r has replaced later, 4 is used instead of four or for and TMI, which is an acronym for, too much information. Just imagine what a job application or a resume would look like using these condensed versions or acronyms instead of the normal English language. Although in some ways, electronic communication is convenient

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