Essay about Social Media And Its Impact On Society

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Previously for our sociology class, we completed a discussion post about social media and our views on it in society. Society is steadily on the rise and contributes to majority of our day to day lives in some way. The great debate is if social media is for the better or for the worse. To add to that debate, we did interviews analyzing how people of various age groups view social media and how it impacts their lives. The objective is to cross examine social media through a series of specific questions ranging from the phone type they have to whether they blog or not. I interviewed four women, all of African American descent except for one who is Pilipino. All of them are on a full time, non-restricting income. Their ages are eighteen, twenty six, thirty six and forty seven. Out of the four interviewees and myself, three were apple users having IPhone and the other two had Samsung products. Out of all five responses, the common answer was two emails except one had three emails and the other had four email addresses. Every interviewee all said yes to using internet. Majority of their answers to why they use the internet on their phone were the same as well, online shopping, and google search. The outlier of the group was Interviewee four, age 47, who said she only used internet for GPS and to FaceTime. Also, all besides interviewee four, uses internet more than twenty five percent a day. No one blogged and they all used more than two forms of social media except interviewee…

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