Social Media And Its Impact On Health Care Essay example

988 Words Mar 17th, 2016 4 Pages
The use of social media is increasing rapidly in health care, to help people to build stronger, more successful patient relationships. Social media helps to communicate, support patient and educate. Health care professional have many social media tools which are easily excess able including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Flickr. These tools allows health care professionals to enhance patient care, educated and share information. It supports and helps the health care system, but there are potential risk that are associated, which can cause problem to professional. (NCBI, C. Lee Ventola , JUNE 2014) This assignment will explore, personal association with social media and will navigate the difference how the concepts of using social media changes as a nursing student. It discovers more about the responsibilities for using social media as health professional.
Describe how you currently engage with social media.
Social media is part of my everyday lives. Online application like Facebook, Instagram, what’s app are the most apps that I use in my personal life. I use social media to communicate and stay in touch with my family, friends and relatives. I don’t only engage in social media to communicate with friends, I engage to keep myself informed what is happening to the world. Personally social media is very useful, to get information and connect with people. Social media is also used for emergency communication with family, friends, for example delivering…

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