Social Media And Its Impact On College Students Essay

1684 Words May 12th, 2016 7 Pages
A recent worldwide study of 4000 teachers and students found that more than 70 percent of organization, around the world are now active on the social media, Research on the productivity effects on SNS access at school or work polarized around blocking versus allowing g the access. Students across to social media website over concern about time a wasting leaking of confidential information and become more valuable to computer,viruses, using facebook at the college were connecting with with past high school and keep in touch with old friends and building social capital (Aurora Francis,aparna Hebbani, and Sean rintel 1) so this tell us more present of the population are more into the social media, student and teachers are getting more distracted because of the growing of the social media and they can 't focus on their work because of this problem, The power of Facebook is one of the most distracting activity for college students, this day 's most of the college students, find a partner of old friends by using Facebook, “ almost three quarters of of the respondents overwhelming choice the personal sounding with friends”, so college students use Facebook to socialize them self to the outside world but as we see most of them also use Facebook as a meeting new friends and make yourself more social.
Why does the the college students use Facebook at the school, or why is facebook that much destructing? Facebook is very distracting because when when we look at facebook there are…

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