Social Medi A Benefit Or Setback Essay

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Social Media a benefit or Setback

Social media lowers students’ GPA and discourages good attitudes in academic environments. A recent study by researchers at the Miriam Hospital Center for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine in Providence, RI, shows that the use of such devices to text, watch online videos and post statuses on Facebook is associated with lower grade point averages (Abhinaya). These habits have an effect on student’s grades. Fifty-one percent of heavy media users actually get grades of B or higher. About half of heavy media users do not get above average grade. Even though some people believe that social media sites have had a positive impact on kids, they negatively impact children in society because social media lowers academic grades, is one of the main sources of bullying, and entices people to waste time. The correlation between school work and time spent online exists. Social media badly impacts student’s GPA. Students who use social media have an average GPA of 3.06 compared to non users which have on average a GPA of 3.82, a mass consumption of online usage can affect students (ProCon). When students are focused on social medias suffer a significant loss in their gpa. An even scarier fact is that students who use social media tend to score 20 % lower on their test scores than their counterparts “TenProsandConsofSocialMedia”. This evidence shows that there is a significant difference in the grades…

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