Social Factors Of Cardiovascular Disease Essay

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Social Factors that Contribute to Diseases

The highest contributor to early mortality and disease in Bulgaria is cardiovascular disease. There are several social factors that make cardiovascular disease prevalent in the country. In the broad-spectrum of the disease, the spread of poor cardiovascular health is due to the living standards and lifestyles of Bulgarians. A typical nutrition pattern for a Bulgarian has a direct correlation with their long term health. The foods that are associated with their nutrition are foods such high quantity of salty foods and foods that are full of fat. Bulgarian 's lifestyles tend to lack physical activity (Rangelova, 2006). The combination of the nutritional patterns and lifestyle have a dramatic impact on a Bulgarians health and are leading social impacts on the number one disease in the country, cardiovascular disease. Bulgaria as a country lacks socially on addressing and creating analyzes of health concerns for the country. Bulgaria’s challenges are that they need to strengthen their health information system for improvement of patient information, improve access to public funding and poverty, and creating a better system for estimating health costs (WHO,2013).

Environmental Factors that Contribute to Diseases

The environment in Bulgaria takes a huge impact on diseases prevalent in the country. Although cardiovascular health is leading in mortality and sickness in the country, the environment Bulgarians deal with are relevant to…

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