Smells Like Heaven : Bath And Body Works Essay

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Smells Like Heaven: Bath and Body Works
Everyone has that one store that they can’t resist. My store is definitely, Bath and Body Works. I have a giant basket filled with different lotions, perfumes, body washes, hand soaps, hand sanitizers, air fresheners, and car fresheners. The obsession has gotten to a point where the scents are sorted to the time of year and time of day. Midnight Pomegranate is the perfect perfume for a cool, fall night. The Winter Candy Apple lotion is great for Christmas Morning. Coconut Lime Breeze hand sanitizer screams “Summer Brunch.” The key to becoming one with the flowers at the Botanical Gardens is White Tea and Ginger. The reason I think I keep going back is the amazing service I receive every time I’m there. Entering the store feels like entering into a family member’s home. Only this family member has tables filled with wonderful scents, waiting for you to smell them. Bath and Body Works always offers an amazing shopping experience because it has a great staff, an organized store, and addicting products.
A vital part to having a good shopping experience, at any store, are the employees. Bath and Body Works’ employees are awesome. As soon as the customer crosses the threshold of the store; they are greeted, told about any sales, and introduced to the new products. This is great for people that have never been to the store before. When a customer first enters a new store, he or she is curious as to what kind of experience they will receive.…

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