Smartphones And Cellular Devices Are Extremely Important Technological Revelations Of The 21st Century

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Smartphones and cellular devices are extremely important technological revelations of the 21st century. However, since this invention is relatively new, the old generations that were not exposed to these devices argue that millennials are negatively influenced and affected in numerous different ways. In “Are Teens Addicted to Cell Phones?” by Ann Louise Gittleman, Gittleman states your typical arguments against the usage of handheld devices. These accusations include, but are not limited to, leading to physical and emotional problems such as RSI and anxiety, hearing loss, and sleep problems. Because of little scientific research with relatively large sample sizes, these “problems” should not lead an adult to conclude that cell phones should be taken away from children and teens. The main argument that piggybacks the newfound concept of restricting cellular device usage is that it leads to “anxiety, behavioral problems, distraction in school, repetitive stress injury, and sleep deprivation.” As this claim is not backed up with a credible source, it is not a factual claim that should not be taken for granted. Even though there are a handful of people who are negatively affected, the majority of the population are perfectly-functional humans who can coexist with a smartphone in their everyday lives. Furthermore, I use my smartphone daily to simplify my daily activities, from waking up in the morning to entertaining myself and researching information, while maintaining a…

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