Six Of Crows: The Grisha Books

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Six of Crows is far from a bad book. It is somewhat satisfactory, however I was expecting myself to be blown away.

The first two books of The Grisha trilogy are something I highly regard. So unsurprisingly, I am ecstatic with Six of Crows’ prose. I was ready to be swept off my feet, but sadly that did not happen.

There are a lot of factors, I considered why this happened. My top choices are, I finished The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes last night. And it’s everything I wanted and more. It is brilliant. It made me an even worse expletive person. Lastly, Six of Crows simply failed to meet my standards.

There are a lot of saving grace about this story, hence the three stars. But I still think the dismaying part overwhelmed my feelings, hence the less two stars.
Six of Crows is the spin off duology of Grisha, it takes place a couple of years after the Civil war.
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Like what I have been establing earlier, this is by far a good book just something I did not read at the right time. I supposed.
Six of Crows is progressive compared to Grisha. I noticed Bardugo’s depth of writing and plotting have grown so much. This book also explored something, the previous series haven’t managed to tackle, such as politics, Grisha and their nature. Naturally there are similarities and a passing mention of the Grisha trilogy cast, but there are still huge differences that set them apart.
For instance, Grisha trilogy is set in Ravka, most of its characters are Ravkan. They are mostly soldiers with honorable intention. Six of Crows on the otherhand is set in Ketterdam, a trading city where all nefarious things happen. Aside from that, this band of characters is not exactly the honorable group. They have a skewed morale. They are vastly different from each other. Different people from different culture. We get the chance to learn the variety livelihood of Grisha

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