The Places That Scare You By Pema Choabe

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The book the places that scare you by Pema Chodron was very interesting. The

title itself Caught my attention right away, but what really got me to read this book is that

the author is a Buddhist nun, so she will not talk about religion or tell you what is right or

what wrong. Before I read this book I thought the book was going to be

about metal disorders only because of the title. I was completely wrong, this book is for

all types of people who desire to face our fears in life with an open heart.

The book is called The Places That Scare You, but this book also has a subtitle

Which is A Guide To Fearlessness In Difficult Times which is exactly what Pema

Chodron explains throughout the book. In the first few chapters she explains
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People who are ready to accept everything and become fearless, people who

aren’t close minded and people who are not looking for a quick fix because this isn’t a

book to fix yourself but a book to help you understand your fears.

the reason why I chose to read this book was because of the title of course, but

at the time I was going through a rough patch in my life. I was confused, scared and I

over analyzed everything. A constant battle, I tried being positive and getting advice

from different people. Only to be left even more scared and confused not knowing who

was right and who was wrong and who was giving me bad advice to only see me fail.

Just by reading the first few chapters really helped me as crazy as that sounds.

Pema really has a way with words. She is gentle, but yet aggressive at the same

time she doesn’t make you feel like you are broken or make feel bad about yourself she

touches every topic from jealously, ego problems, self pity and anger issues. She did

put a few quotes on there that can really make you think differently about life. One of my

favorite ones that she had mentioned was “a fresh attitude starts to happen when we

look to see that yesterday was yesterday, and now it is gone; today is today and now
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Pema focuses on meditation,

she explains how there isn’t a right or wrong way to meditate, its about learning how to

“stay” how to keep meditating even if we think we aren’t doing it right, even if we get

angry because we aren’t getting anywhere with it she advices us to “experience our

emotions and to pay attention to the present moment”. She explains why we meditate,

and I completely agree with her, she says “meditation takes us just as we are, with our

confusion and our sanity” accepting ourselves as we are, and I think that’s a big step

into not being afraid of ourselves and our minds. Accepting ourselves and not trying to

fix yourself because fixing yourself is only a temporary fix.

The places that scare you fits in the Cognitive Psychology area of study the

whole book is about learning how to accept, and how to respond she repeatedly asks

her reader, how have we been solving our problems? Why do we torture ourselves with

overthinking? Why do we down talk ourselves? In Cognitive psychology it’s all about

how people process information and what is going on in our minds. Aaron T. Beck

assumes that the way we think is how we have an outlook in life so if we have

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